Create Brandbook Online, Turn PDF to Brandbook Online

A brandbook is designed to maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints. This is why you should convert your PDF brandbook into a digital format that’s easily accessible. Flip PDF Plus Pro is the ideal tool for this transformation. Get started online for free.

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Get Inspiration from Below Engaging Flipbooks:

create brandbook online

Upload & Convert Seamlessly

Simply upload the existing PDF brandbook in just a few clicks. Within minutes, Flip PDF Plus Pro converts it to a flipbook automatically. The generated digital brandbook features realistic page-turning animation effects and sound. This brings life to the document and provides the audience with an impressive reading experience similar to that of a physical book.

Personalize the Appearance

Take your brandbook to the next level effortlessly. Flip PDF Plus Pro comes with an extensive collection of meticulously designed layouts and themes, allowing you to give the digital brandbook a visually appealing outlook. Animated scenes are at your disposal to breathe life into the brandbook. Incorporate your brand logo to get the brand exposure it deserves. With the ability to adjust specific settings, such as toolbar, display, and preloader, you can craft a cohesive and personalized brandbook that truly represents your brand.

create brandbook online

Integrate Multimedia Elements

Go beyond the use of text. Flip PDF Plus Pro has all the features you need to create a captivating brandbook. An image or video can speak volumes. Upload images and videos to illustrate the correct usage and many nuances of visual elements, thereby effectively facilitating audience comprehension and boosting their engagement. Add interactive links and animation effects to infuse your digital brandbook with a dynamic and creative flair.

Share & Embed Easily

Making your brandbook accessible at scale is as simple as ABC. Once your brandbook is polished to perfection, you can publish it in HTML, EXE, APP, or APK format. Sent the link via email or text message to share it with your team instantly. Expand the reach of your brand by distributing the brandbook on popular social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Embed the brandbook directly onto your website to ensure easy access for all.