Flip PDF Plus Corporate For Windows & Mac

Flip PDF Plus Corporate is a powerful feature-rich flipbook maker with a multimedia editor. Get started with stunning pre-designed templates, fully customize your digital brochure or catalog with interactive effect by adding multimedia like YouTube videos, images, phone number, hyperlink and animations. It also includes more than 40 hotspots, 70 pre-designed buttons, 13 slideshows, 90 shapes, and other commercial-use assets. One license code of Corporate edition allows your team to activate on 4 computers. (For more seats please visit Purchase page.) It also offers 1 year free VIP account to upload 1,000 books to FlipBuilder server.

For Windows 10,8,7 & MacOS 10.9+

$699.00 (One-Time Payment)*

Version Number: 4.4.2

*FlipBuilder provides an additional Hosting Add-on Service.

Amazing Flipbooks

Corporate Version Only

Purchase One, Get 4 License Seats

You will get a license code after purchasing Flip PDF Plus Corporate. It allows your team to activate on ten computers with one shared license code, which helps to avoid mistaking other team members’ license codes. It is the most preferred option for teamwork and collaboration.

One Year Free Hosting Add – on Service to Upload 1,000 Books

You can enjoy a one-year free FlipBuilder Hosting Add-on Service after purchasing Flip PDF Plus Corporate. This service allows you to upload 1000 digital publications to the FlipBuilder server and share them on your website and social networks. The free account can be logged in by multiple team members at the same time, which is flexible and effective to cooperate and manage.

Newly Dynamic Hotspot Effects

The Corp Version comes with 40+ new Hotspot dynamic effects, which support changing colors and adjusting speed. To call your readers’ attention, you can add Hotspot to the key content of the book page. With its flashing effect, your ebook will be no longer monotonous. By adding Go to Link, Pop Up Video and other trigger actions to Hotspot, you can easily create highly interactive eBooks.

View demo

Nicely Designed Buttons

There are 70+ well-designed buttons that are easy to use and fully customizable. You can choose a button icon from the icon library of over 280 icons. You can also modify the text, color and other styles. The Button feature helps you get rid of searching hard for button materials. With trigger actions, you can easily achieve a variety of click effects on your buttons.

View demo

Enticing Photo Slideshows

Turn images into tempting photo slideshows and give readers more control over your books to keep them engaged. A variety of 13+ photo slideshow effects are available now, such as Flip, Roll, and Cube. Present more content in less space and be a better storyteller with the help of photo slideshows.

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Multiple Shapes

There are 90+ different pre-made shapes available to use. You can adjust the angle of the shapes as needed. Add various shapes to embellish and fill in the blank space on the book page so that your ebooks can perform extra visual appeal and reflect a full sense of design.

Flexible PDF to eBook Conversion

Create a Realistic Flipping Effect eBook

With the easy-to-use interface, you can create an HTML realistic page flip eBook in less than 10 minutes. Simply import a PDF and choose a pre-designed template, you can generate an inspiring professional flipping magazine or brochure with ease. No coding and design skills are needed!

Merge PDFs into a Single eBook

How to make multiple PDFs into one single book? Flip PDF Plus Corporate offers an amazing idea to merge PDFs into one page-flipping eBook directly without any code or skills.

Efficient Batch Conversion

Want to convert a variety of PDF files into books at a time? Batch conversion allows you to convert a number of PDFs into flipbooks in sequence. You do not need to convert PDFs one by one.

Interactive eBook Creation

Various Templates, Themes, Scenes

Flip PDF Plus Corporate provides various pre-built templates, themes, and animated scenes that you can quickly customize to meet your needs. Select a template for the book toolbar, change a theme for the book appearance(background and color), and add an animated scene to polish your book background.

Customize Unique Book Templates

The configuration of the following functions can be saved in your templates: Toolbar, Themes, Scenes, Settings (like background sound, your brand logo), TOC, Bookmark, Multi-Language, Password, and even Voice Assistant. Save your templates in the program directly, which is more convenient to reuse or export them to share with others.

Customize Page Flip eBooks

Design your own style flipbook: customize the page-flipping eBook background colors; set a logo image for branding; customize the toolbar on funtions like print, download or share your page flip eBook. There are dozens of different settings that allow you to customize your page-flipping eBook to suit your style.

Table of Content

Don’t have a table of content in your PDF? Not a problem, create your table of content and make it easier to navigate through the whole book.

Voice Assistant of eBook

In Flip PDF Plus Corporate, you can utilize the Assistant which helps to add audio for book pages, with synchronized scrolling text integrated. The wonderful feature will be very useful for you to build presentations for meetings, storybooks for kids, or language books for learning.

View details about how to create audio books now!

Multimedia and Animation Editor

Multimedia to Enrich Flipbooks

Add YouTube, Vimeo Videos to Get Your Readers to Stay Longer

You can embed video genetic code, add an online video file, YouTube ID, Vimeo ID, or insert local video to your flipbook, which can improve visual appeal and make your flipbooks more engaging. Therefore, you can keep readers longer on your pages and deliver much more information about your brand or company.

Import Audio to Make Talking Flipbooks

Adding single audio or multiple audios like environmental sounds or appropriate music to make an entertaining flipbook and improve your readers’ experience. Listening to different audio, readers will get even more involved with the content of your flipbook.

Add Text and Image to Display More Details to Readers

Quickly add text, images, or GIFs to provide your readers with further details of your products, which can highlight products features and effectively grow your online business. Let text and image work in harmony to tell your brand and products to customers.

Shape, QR code, Shape & Line Brush

There are 90+ various shapes to help you design a stylized and unique flipbook. You can also use a shape & line brush to draw any shape for all your needs. You can generate a QR code for your product website, and readers can simply scan the code with their mobile device to open the web page for more information about the product.

Make Flipbooks Interactive with Trigger Actions

Open a Link – Drive Traffic to Your Website

Add a link as the trigger action of one element, to which readers can click and open the link to view more information about the products or go to another related website. Besides enhancing the interaction of your book, it enables you to connect with your readers and achieve your business goals.

Go to Any Page – Make Reading Purposeful and Efficient

“Go to page” can guide readers on what should be read next in your flipbook. Also, readers can jump to another page quickly to get the needed information, which can improve the efficiency of reading a book.

Make a Phone Call – Build Instant Contact with Readers

Add your phone number so that your readers can instantly get in touch with you by tapping on the phone icon when they have any issue with your products or flipbook content. Create an engaging experience that connects readers with your company and builds trust between customers and your brand.

Pop up a Window – A Better Marketing on Your Website

You can embed a link as a pop-up window to show more information about your website. This provides a seamless experience to your readers without having to leave your flipbook. It is good at grabbing users’ attention and can be effective as a marketing strategy.

Pop up Images – Show More to Promote Business

You can make a series of images pop up on your book pages. Give your readers a more detailed part about the target you are introducing. Deliver more information and gain more profit(like purchasing your products) from the potential customers who would spend time to view more about your products.

Trigger Animation Effects – Make Elements Animated

Apply various animation effects including entrance/attention/exit effects to the selected element to make your element more dynamic and engage your readers. With animation effects,  readers will be more easily caught by your flipbook.

Show/Hide Target – Easily Switch Elements

Make a specific element show/hide or switch between them when another element is moused over/leave or clicked. If you want to easily show or hide the element you target as needed, this interaction is perfect for you.

Animation Timeline - More Control over Animation Effects

Customize Animation Effects

Hundreds of Entrance/Attention/Exit animation effects, such as rotate, zoom in/out, and bounce, help you create more engaging content and keep your readers focusing on your flipbooks. You can customize animation effects speed, time, and more.

Timing of Animation Effects

You can set the playing time and speed of an animation effect. Drag slider to control when animation effect play/end. To run your animation effect at a faster or slower pace, drag to adjust the length of the slider to change the duration.

Batch Management on Effects Timing

Select multiple elements and right-click to batch paste animation effects, batch paste effects duration, batch align effects time, and batch remove effects. You can quickly and easily manage multiple animation effects timing.

Marketing and Branding

Add Company Logo – Build Brand Awareness

Adding your company logo or website icon to your flipbook helps to get exposure for your brand. It means you can deliver the branding information of your company to your clients when they are reading the branding brochure.

Book Loading Logo and Video

Flip PDF Plus Corporate allows you to add a loading logo or loading video for your book to keep readers’ attention and market your brand.

Bookcase Logo

Do you want to make your business stand out? Why not brand your bookcase with a logo, which can prevent your work from being stolen or misused, as well as help spread brand recognition.

View bookcase demo

Sell eBooks online with a shopping cart

Want to make money from your eBook? Flip PDF Plus Corporate allows you to set prices on your eBook, and you can fully customize pages to sell. We also offer options to help your buyers complete their purchases. They can add books to the shopping cart or give direct payments.

Google Analytics 4 Integration

Link your flipbook to your Google Analytics account: each page of your publication will be tracked automatically. Measure the key metrics(traffic, page views, duration, bounce rate) and events of every single flipbook page and create customized reports based on Google Analytics. Create, design, control, and increase your marketing effectiveness using Google Analytics within the publications.

How to track your readers with Google Analytics?

Multiple Output Formats, Online & Offline Reading

Online Reading

Publish as HTML Format

The HTML file published by Flip PDF Plus Corporate is adaptive to all devices. Upload the HTML folder to your own server to get an online link. The link generated after uploading can be used for website promotion.

Publish as WordPress Plug-in

After installing the plug-in on your WordPress, you can post the book 
on your site to enhance web pages & enrich content, also make it 
available to all readers.

Upload to FlipBuilder Server

To make it easier for you to publish your created page flip books online, we developed the Upload Online Service. By using this service, you can upload your book online instantly after creating, without FTP or other upload tools. You can easily manage your books, and make it easy for people to view your books online in their browser on the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Offline Reading

Publish as EXE Format

EXE file is an offline reading format for Windows Computer. Flip PDF Plus Corporate allows you to publish your flipbook as EXE format. Readers can double-click the file to open the book.

Publish as APP Format

APP file is an offline reading format for Mac Computer. Flip PDF Plus Corporate allows you to publish your flipbook as APP format. Readers can double-click the file to open the book.

Publish as APK Format

Publishing flipbook as an Android application that can be installed by Android phones/tablets. You can add an icon to brand your flipbook. Put it on the application market and update it to make more gain.

Deliver and Share Your Publications Anywhere at Anytime

Compatible with Multiple Devices

eBooks created by Flip PDF Plus Corporate are compatible with most browsers and adaptive to different screen configurations of devices like computers, phones and tablets. You have no need to worry about the display of your flipbooks’ layouts and contents. No need to install anything! Just read it via web browsers.

Share eBook on Facebook & Twitter

The page flip eBook created by Flip PDF Plus Corporate integrates with the hot feature – the modern social networks. Readers of your publication can click the [Share] button and directly share the current book on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Embed Books on Your Site

Flip PDF Plus Corporate helps you make the online books available on your website. You can get the embed code after uploading eBook to FlipBuilder Online Server. Copy the embed code and paste it into your HTML file so that your visitors can read the books without even leaving your website.

High-Security Publications


Set up a password or multiple passwords to protect the privacy of your flipbook. This will help you tighten up security for your digital publications. One Authorization ID is for one specific user. Only readers using these IDs and passwords can open and read your flipbooks.

Amazon S3

FlipBuilder Cloud employs Amazon S3 service to store your book data. We promise to protect your data from both logical and physical failures and guard against data loss from unintended user actions, application errors, and infrastructure failures. Your book data is highly secured!

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