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InFlip PDF Plus, all contents deserve remarkable experience. More and more companies are promoting their business with online eBooks. They choose for many reasons – to reduce production cost, to protect environment, to reach more audiences, among all of them- but to gain more profit typically comes top of the list. As a brilliant PDF flipbook maker, this software is sure to help you become appreciated among competitors.

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Printed Book to Flip eBook

Traditionally, companies would deliver their product book to their clients. However, as the Internet springing up, eBooks for companies have become a leading trend. You can make the PDF of the printed book become a page flipping book. Import a PDF, selected all the needed pages, and then import it into the software to automatically convert it into a digital flip eBook, with reality of turning a book and display on most of devices.

Documents with Professional Look

If you only import and publish your book, it is only a pure eBook otherwise. You may try to decorate it before. As for the appearance, there are three key points you may better know. Firstly, give your flip eBook a whole look by selecting one template for your book, changing the toolbar style, color and background color. Secondly, if the background color cannot satisfy your need, you can insert an image for your book background. Thirdly, pick a dynamic scene to embellish the background and your book. That’s really gorgeous.


Customize for Better Engagement

Flip PDF Plus gives users an opportunity to design an engaging page flip eBook. The most common way is to insert videos for deliver much more vivid pictures to better “communicate” with your audiences. Introduce your contents deeply and in detail. Besides the local videos, you are allowed to embed online YouTube or Viemo videos for your book. Well, it is practice to insert some links into the eBook for bringing internet traffic for your other websites and in the meantime, promote more products.

Mobile-Friendly eBooks

It is said that more than 50% of today’s internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, in order to reach your audiences effectively, it is necessary to publish an eBook available on most of the mobile devices. Flip PDF Plus supports the eBook read on iPad, iPhone, Android Pad, Android phone. You can definitely catch must of the attention from mobile users.


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