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With Flip PDF Plus brochure software, creating beautiful brochures cannot be easier. This flyer brochure software has an intuitive interface. In a couple of clicks,you can add text, images, hotspots, buttons, shapes, video and other interactive contents to your brochure. The finished brochure can be hosted on the Cloud,making it easy for readers to view on any device.

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Dynamic Hotspot Icons

Flip PDF Plus offers a selection of hotspot icons. Select one icon and add action for it. Those action include opening links, pages, images, videos and so on. You are free to change the default setting of the icon such as the opacity and size. If necessary, the tooltip can also be added to your hotspot icon.

Unique Pre-build Shape

Browse through an impressive collection of pre-build shapes, and pick the one that you like best to enrich your contents. To fit your needs, you can edit shape properties in terms of the color, the reflection and other elements. There are a variety of shapes, ranging from rectangles, triangles to arrows.


Mobile-friendly Content

Based on both and HTML5 technology, the brochure made with Flip PDF Plus digital brochure software works on desktops as well as iOS & Android mobile devices. Readers access your brochure instantly on any device, and always have great viewing experience regardless of the screen size.

Flexible Output Option

Once you have completed your design, you can output the brochure in kinds of formats. Publish the brochure right to your server, or to the Cloud directly from this flyer brochure software. Or choose to output the brochure in ZIP/EXE format, Mac App or FBR,which makes it possible to distribute your publication on USB sticks. You can also publish the brochure as plug-in.

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