Flipbook Catalog Software

Gorgeous flipbook catalog software that makes catalogs live in digital format. You are able to design fantastic shoppable page turning catalogs by converting static PDF documents or images. This software is easy to use and feature rich to expand catalogs’ engaging capabilities. Media rich reading enjoyment and interactive shopping experience on Windows, Mac or mobiles will be amazing.

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Shopping Cart Interaction

Flip PDF Plus enhances shopping experience with shopping cart interaction in catalogs. This flipbook catalog software offers 8 different style shopping carts for you to explore potential customers and increase sales.

Adding tooltip for shopping carts, copying your website address (URL) in the link box are beneficial for getting access to more customers. Therefore, when readers flip through catalog pages, they can click and visit your online site/shop immediately. Interactive flipbook catalogs are ideal strategies for digital marketing.

Hotspots Give Further Info

Flip PDF Plus increases reading enjoyment and gives wonderful shopping experience for readers on Mac, Windows and mobiles. With this gorgeous flipbook catalog software, you can have animated hotspots added in page flipping HTML5 catalogs to provide more information of highlight contents. In particular, a pop-up window action setting for hotspots to showcase detailed images of hot sales, it will be gorgeous to strengthen purchasing and stimulate consumption.


Sell Catalogs in Bookcase

Shopping Cart feature to the Bookcase makes it easy for you to sell digital catalogs online. First to enable catalogs selling on bookcase, then customize its account settings, including PayPal Settings, Thank-you Page Setting and Contact Information. Next, you are able to set suitable price (US dollar) for catalogs, tick whether you are allow readers to preview catalogs before paying. Sell well-designed catalogs online will be awesome to get much benefits.

Analytics Leads to Improvements

Flip PDF Plus empowers you to better understand customers with Google Analytics. You can add Google analytics tracking code to beautiful shoppable catalogs, hence, you will collect different kinds of data about how catalogs performance. These data information help you know well about readers, which inspires you to have great improvements and realize positive results online


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