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Publish your product catalogs with rich media that can be read on all devices.

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Rich-media embedded product catalog

Flip PDF Plus allows you to create interactive product catalogs with animated flipping effects. You can animate your product catalogs by embedding rich media elements including hyperlinks, videos, audios, texts, icons, buttons, carts, SWFs, image slideshows and the more. The page-flipping animated effect and the rich multimedia will offer a pleasant reading experience for readers and thus make them more patient to read through your product catalogs.

Brand your product catalogs

You are able to brand your business with your product catalogs in multiple ways. For example, you can add the logo to your product catalogs reading interface, the pre-load reading interface, the bottom/top of each page and the more, which is an effective way to establish your branding awareness unconsciously. Besides that, customizing the background image with your own company’s unique image is also recommendable for building the branding effect as well.


Social media integration

You can increase time on page by adding interactive widgets and allow readers to amplify your contents with social media. With Flip PDF Plus, you are able to share your digital product catalogs via social media including Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and the more. In the meanwhile, your product catalogs can be read on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices, which makes your digital product catalogs available to more potential clients and thus increase conversion rate.

Present product catalogs in bookcase

If you have created lots of product catalogs before, you are recommended to arrange your product catalogs in bookcase. Then your readers can quickly find their needed product with the help of the bookcase feature. Besides customizing the bookcase logo, text, skin, color, you can make your product present in time order, price order and the more. Furthermore, you don’t need to embed your product catalogs into your website one by one, you just need to embed the whole bookcase into your website.


Google analytics integration

This software allows you to connect your existing Google Analytics account at page-level for advanced content insights. You are able to collect your product catalogs and its readers date including the pageviews, bounce rate, download, average view duration, links clicks, delaying time and the more, which is helpful for marketers to establish marketing strategies and successful in online marketing.

There are million of reasons to choose this catalog software

Page-flipping publication

Convert your static PDF documents into page-flipping catalogs.

Add bookmark

fascilitate reading process by adding bookmarks in your prodcuct catalogs.

Multi-langugae supported

You are able to switch the interface language when reading your catalogs.

Upload to cloud

Upload your product catalogs online and reach more potential readers

Mobile-friendly reading

Enables you to read catalogs on differnt iOS and Android mobile devices.

Publish online and offline

It depends on you whether to publish your catalog online or offline.

rich media embedded

Embed rich media into your catalogs (vidoes, audios, links, image,etc)

Embed Photo gallery

Present your products inslide-by-slide images.

Social media intergration

Share your product catalogs via Facebook, twitter, Google+ and the like.

Flip PDF Plus proves to be the most efficient product catalog software to create, edit and publish page-flipping product catalogs, which can be read on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.