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With the fierce competition on the market, how to make your booklet distinctive and professional to make you stand out from the rivals? That is the key to the success. Digital booklet obviously is more popular than the traditional PDF document, besides, Flip PDF Plus enables users to add all types of media into the digital editions to enrich the contents. Video, audio, animations, image can be easily embedded by users. Manually embedding all links and modifying link highlight color are also supported by Flip PDF Plus.

Embed various media in booklet

With richer multimedia solution, Flip PDF Plus let you to enrich the content to increase engagement. To improve reading experience, this interactive PDF maker has the ability to make videos, You Tube and audios, links, animations, slider, and more interactive elements show on any place of the page to display your products/services in an engaging way. Even you can set the action as call JavaScript function to enrich the content.


Better Visual Representation of Your Ideas

When it comes to the commercial materials, flipbooks will be a better choice for giving your audiences visual experiences, even though the traditional PDF can create some of your contents. Besides, Flip PDF Plus allows you to add audio, videos to make your content more abundant, accordingly, it will benefit to let you share your ideas with the audiences.

Easy to use, without any training before operating

Flip PDF Plus allows users to produce various interactions including flipbooks, timelines and so much more. For business, it is a very perfect way to advertise the products and build brand awareness by creating digital booklets, magazines and catalogs. Just in few steps, you can successfully convert your flipbook from PDF file. It is so easy and simple!


View and share conveniently

With the Flip PDF Plus, you can create flipbooks and show your ideas in a format, and then choose to share your flipbooks with readers on the social networks. The realistic simulation of a book page also help to catch your customer’s attention. The friendly mobile feature of Flip PDF Plus make the dream come true for those who are the mobile devotees.

There are million of reasons to choose PDF Booklet Creator

Page flipping effect

Greatly make booklets more vivid with page flipping effect.

Add hyperlinks

Build the links between your publications with online business.

Mobile friendly

Mobile accessible to attract and inspire your customers.

Cloud publishing

Easily share flipbooks online and manage in the cloud.

Attractive templates

Many attrative templates with different themes for your choice.

Password Protected

Control access, keep your content in safe with the password if needed.

Boost brand

Add your logo in the flipbook and link to website.

Embed Photo gallery

Intelligently display multiple images with animation.

Add Hyperlink

Easily add links to open web link, email link and etc.

With Flip PDF Plus, it is easy to create an interactive PDF. Not only can you enrich the content with multimedia, but also it allows you to create versatile page Flip PDF Plus that can engage customers with almost all devices.