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No Coding Interactive E-commerce Catalog Making Software for Wholesalers.

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Wholesalers have long expected an efficient platform that can well market their product; promote the sales of their business. Thanks to the improvements of technology, we now have digital catalog publishing solutions that allow wholesalers to create extremely shop inspiring digital wholesale catalogs with extremely shop inspiring content. Your vivid page turn catalog can efficiently advertise your product information to your clients and multiply your business orders. Besides advertising your products, your catalog can even be made as a shop that directly sells products to your clients without opening your web store, hugely helping increase your business revenue.

Establish a wholesale shop on your digital catalog

Flip PDF Plus provides various business embedding icons such as price tag, shopping cart, discounting tag, hyperlinks, and you may use these icons to customize your catalog into a characteristic wholesale shop. Selling directly on digital catalogs can exactly improve the efficiency of your business.


Comprehensive distributing channels

Flip PDF Plus offers flexible digital publishing solutions that allow your catalog to be distributed into people in every corner in the world. You may local save your project then send it to specific individual, or online publish it as PC version or mobile version. Flip PDF Plus allows your publication to be read in all kinds of electronic platforms.

Track the behaviors of your clients through Google analytics.

What to know the web visits and evaluate the web conditions of your catalog? No problem! Connecting with your client can easily be achieved by adding Google analytics to your publication. Flip PDF Plus allows you to make thorough business analysis and make the brightest business decision