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Your digital magazine based on our program can be extremely reader- engaging not only because it brings realistic page flipping animation, but enables users themselves to add dynamic media content to enhance the interactivity of their digital publications. Multi-media content plays an important part on issuing super interactive e-books. A nice made digital magazine with gorgeous multimedia can exactly enable readers to stay longer on your web pages. FlipBuilder has multiple rich media embedding tools that allow users to characterize their own dynamic content. You may add video tutorials, background music, hyperlinks, pictures and many other dynamic media to your digital magazine. Rich media content is a huge boon to commercial users because it helps create tremendous client engagements.

Add tutorial video to your digital magazine

A tutorial video that delivers basic information of products or services allows your clients to better understand your company. If you intent to make your digital magazine as marketing materials, adding tutorial video is quite necessary because it helps market your product more intuitively and impressively.


Add background music to your digital magazine

Your digital magazine has the function that allows readers to enjoy lovely music while doing their reading. Background music makes your digital magazine to be much more inspiring when compared with none rhythm e-magazine and helps a lot on increasing business orders. Psychologically, people are more easily to be engaged and when they are surrounded by inspiring music.

Add hyperlinks to steer readers to your web store

Adding hyperlinks to your digital magazine can be an effective method that increases your web visits. You may add hyperlinks that can direct readers straight to your web store thus increase your business orders. You digital magazine can be an effective marketing material while saving huge marketing costs.



Some notions should also be kept when you’re designing rich media to your digital publications. When you’re making the tutorial video or background music, ensure to make them good and professional. Digital publications with professional tutorial videos may work out to be more effective on marketing your products.