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Along with the rapid development of technology, there are large groups of mobile devices users such as smart phone users and tablet users than ever before. Then don’t you think it is perfect time to consider your own digital brochure? As we know that brochures is one of the effective way to build and promote your brand. Anyway if you take good use of print brochure and digital brochure, you could boost sales and increase website traffics with ease.

In the article we list several useful ways in which you could boost the sales by using digital brochures. Then before you take good use of the digital brochure, do you know some powerful digital brochure software? Here we got a really helpful brochure maker named Flip PDF Plus. Flip PDF Plus is digital brochure software with excellent quality and reasonable price. It is powerful to convert PDF to page turning digital brochure and distribute it cross platform with ease. Then let’s continue to talk about the ways to motive clients and drive sales.


Direct Mail

Almost all of us got advertisement and promotion email about different kinds of products. And there are few people to response the email. Anyway, it is skillful to separate your digital brochure email from your junk email. Before you send the email, you have to know who your target audiences are and your target market.

Display Advertisement

It may be a traditional marketing strategy but it is one of the most effective ways to increase exposure. You have to show off your digital brochure for people to take is another way to getting people’s attention to your business. After that, you can analysis the advertisement effect based on data base.


Marketing Integration

On one hand, a brochure has to contain your website URL, your contact information and QR code. One the other hand, insert Google Analytic ID to track your digital brochure performance will be a wonderful idea. Anyway, you can realize the tracking function by Flip PDF Plus. After that, you can have deep insight of users’ behavior and start to adjust the content and marketing strategy.