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The world has now exactly developed a crazy new trend, the mobile trend! With the rising number of technological innovations, people have gone crazy about mobile devices. Wherever there are and whatever the time is, there is always something to look, something to tweet, something to check, something to buy merely with a few monthly service fee. The trend also tells us, there is a large business market in mobile users. To well follow the mobile trend and make most of the platform to achieve huge commercial success, we originated the mobile catalog publishing solution that helps users efficiently market their products on mobile devices.

Sophisticated technology

Conventionally digital catalog can only be realized on PC platforms, which means, mobile publishing cannot be realized due to technological limitation. Now, because technology is constantly breaking the new ground, electronic catalogs can be made as HTML5 format and mobile publishing is not a problem anymore.


Promising commercial opportunities on mobile platforms.

Mobile publishing enables promising commercial opportunities not only because it has a large number of target clients, but because it costs so little of your marketing budget. People can easily access to your product information when flipping your vivid digital publication on their mobile devices.

There will be a mobile business on your e-catalog.

With advancement of technology, mobile publishing is not simply a method that efficiently advertised your product, but can create a marketplace that allows user to directly shop on the pages of your publication. FlipBuilder allows users to add shopping cart, price tag, account tag ,etc. to customize their publication into a marketplace