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Imagine you have a professional single-lens reflex camera and you are good at taking picture. Each time you go out and take your camera, photographed all the moving moment, interested plants and details of your friends, you've taken thousands of pretty pictures, but the question is you don't know how to keep them safe!

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What’s Flip PDF Plus?

So if your pictures lose unexpectedly some day, will you feel pity deeply and regret not to take any early action for the lost? Some might be experience such kind of situation. However, like we can’t against a rainy day, but we can take some preparation for it. So do for your precious pictures.

One option you can pick up is to use Flip PDF Plus. Insert all your taken pictures into the software, the publication then out is to a degree like the effect of flipping a traditional album, the biggest difference is that this photography brochure is with a digital form and won’t lose since it upload to the web.


By the way, users who buy this software once will automatically possess an account on FlipBuilder cloud platform, which means they can unlimited upload their finished brochure to the platform. In this way, photographer can classify and manage their pictures as well as their brochures conveniently.

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