Clothing Catalog Design

For people who are in pursuit of fashion love to flip through the e-catalog page by page when searching on clothing, shoes, watches, handbags and other fashionable items. With regards to a popular and successful clothing e-catalog, it should enable these fashionable loves to search, compare and purchase these latest and fashionable clothes.

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What’s Flip PDF Plus?

First of all, you are allowed to create a fascinating e-catalogs’ background in Flip PDF Plus. As we all know, the decoration of the local store is very important, which is the symbol of your clothes and your brand. In the same manner, the decoration of your local store to the quality of your clothes is what the background is to the quality of your e-catalog. You can choose different templates, themes and animated scenes to beautify your catalog background and make it vivid. You can choose different templates to create different atmosphere such as the template of Neat, Classical and so on.

Secondly, you can check the option of Enable Search to make the text in your catalog searchable. Furthermore, you can make your catalog in a more logical and clear way by adding the table of contents and bookmarks.


Of course, you can add the multimedia elements in your catalog, such as the hyperlinks, YouTube videos, audios, buttons, movies, animation and so on. Then the clothes will be presented in a 3D or three-dimensional effect.

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