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Optimize Online Brand Markeitng Campaign Using Search Engine Friendly Brochure.

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One of the greatest advantages of your digital product brochure based on FlipBuilder is that all the contents of your brochure are benign to the main stream search engines, which means, your digital brochure is an ideal tool for Search Engine Optimization. When you’ve online published your brochures, Google and other search engines will easily find’em. Because your publications can be easily reached on search engines they can be excellent platform to market your products. They’ll function well on delivering information to your clients. The super interactive contents of your brochure can be so that shop-inspiring and achieves high client conversion rate. When you add your brochure as plug-in to your web site, they’ll work efficiently on bring web traffics.

How does your digital publication achieve SEO

Flip PDF Plus is the very program that is based on sophisticated technology. When you online publish your digital brochure, it’ll be an HTML file that comprises txt files(from the content of original PDF file), pictures, etc. And the txt files work primarily on SEO. The content of digital brochure will be highly valued by search engines. Digital brochures with good contents can exactly rank top on the lists of search engines.


Brand your publication by adding your company logo.

Flip PDF Plus is a professional digital publishing program that allows users to customize their own digital creations with no marks of the program maker at all! After you created you work, you may use the custom setting tool to embed company logo to your publication and make it to be unique! When you distribute it though networks to people worldwide it well promotes your commerce and markets your brand.

How do I distribute my brochure?

Flip PDF Plus offers flexible ways for you to distribute your brochure. You may offline save it to local, sending it to specific individual as a zip, or online publish it, allowing public to reach your publication through search engines. Due to the fact that your digital publication can be made as mobile HTML5, people on the globe can easily read your publications on mobile devices. The readers of your publication include the users of nearly all the electronic devices.


What should I do to allow my digital brochure rank top on the list of search engines?

Since Flip PDF Plus makes txt files based on the content of your original PDF, to achieve a high ranking on search engines, you’re advised to well arrange the content of the original PDF. Besides, when you online publish your creation, flip PDF Plus allows you to add descriptions and keywords which help make your publication to be much more searchable.